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Harambe Blood - Pre Workout

Harambe Blood - Pre Workout


Harambe Blood - Intense Pre Workout


What can be expected with Harambe Blood?

  • Mind-Blowing Pumps – 6g of L-Citrulline plus 150mg of L-Norvaline together give some insane pumps that you don’t want to miss.
  • Intense Energy – 3.2g of Beta Alanine, 1,000mg of L-Tyrosine, 395mg of our Caffeine Combo and 125mg of Dynamine hits you with energy and endurance that keeps on giving without crashing.
  • Increased Mental Clarity & Focus – 1,000mg of Choline, 250mcg of Huperzine A mixed with our energy blend and you are super “zoned” in to conquer any workout.
  • Improved Strength – Hit the weights harder, more often, and experience real strength gains in the process.
  • Enhanced Endurance – Lift heavier weights and meet more challenging workout goals!


Harambe Blood CAN be stacked with any of our pump products! Also pairs well with Inflame and Creatine

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