Altered - Natural Muscle Builder

Altered - Natural Muscle Builder



- strength⁣⁣

- size⁣⁣

- recovery⁣⁣

- no PCT required⁣⁣


Ingredient breakdown 🤓⁣⁣



-An ecdysteroid, which is a hormonal steroid that's found in plants 🌱 ⁣⁣

-Ecdysteroids are known for their ability to induce growth.⁣⁣

-They do NOT bind to androgen receptors, therefore there are NO steroidal side effects.⁣⁣

-Enhances muscle repair and growth by increasing muscle protein synthesis⁣⁣

-All translates to increased muscular energy and endurance during exercise!⁣⁣



-Increased sex drive⁣⁣

-Improved athletic performance⁣⁣


Methyl- Eaa -TM (D-Aspartic Acid)-⁣⁣

-50X as potent as D-aspartic acide⁣⁣

-Immediate testosterone enhancement⁣⁣

-Increased growth hormone⁣⁣

-Increased blood flow to muscles⁣⁣


Velvet Bean-⁣⁣

-Increased mood⁣⁣

-Enhanced sexual urge⁣⁣



-Improved resistance toward stress and anxiety⁣⁣

-Enhanced endurance⁣⁣

-Increased positive thyroid function (decreased belly fat)⁣⁣

-Increased muscle mass and strength⁣⁣

-Focus and memory⁣⁣